The Sardine Can In Green Bay, Where The Fun Never Ends…

We made good friends with Chris, Tara, Boyd, and the rest of the gang at The Sardine Can in Green Bay after being steered their way by our new friend Madison radio talk show host Mitch Henck.  Turns out that, excluding Lambeau Field, you won’t find another place in Green Bay near as much of an all around event as the Sardine Can is.  We shot a good ten interviews there from super avid Packers fans, filmed the band rocking out all night long, and came back for more every time we were in Green Bay.  We will certainly be going back there whenever in town and you should too.  For the sake of a good (or disgusting) bit of humor, go to their website and check out bar owner Chris drinking a beer through his nose on LATE NIGHT with David Letterman (click their logo below).

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