New Glarus Brewing Company: Only In Wisconsin

We had the great pleasure of inteviewing New Glarus Brewing Company Co-Founder and proud Wisconsinite Deb Carey while visiting them in New Glarus.  Not only were we taken aback by how similar we are as fellow cheeseheads, but were also blown away by what a magnificent brewery they have put together.  A state of the art modern fascility (see tomorrow’s posting) blended with true Wisconsin charm made us want to stay just to soak up the environemnt.  Of course the beer is damn good too.  One of the more interesting facts is that New Glarus beer is only sold in Wisconsin, a fact Deb proudly pointed out in our interview, after which we discovered it is also a part of their marketing (see photos below).  One should note though that if one must take a trip to Wisconsin in order to have a pint of Spotted Cow it will be well worth the trip.  

* * *

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