Green Bay Packers – World Champions, Baby! (Video)

In honor of the Green Bay Packers smashing the cleets off of our border foe the Minnesota Vikings, and that we are still the reigning NFL World Champions and have not lost a game since then (and five games prior), we wanted to share what Cheesehead Nation thinks of being World Champions, Baby!!!  Many of our dear friends who have interviewed for the project are in this video, though since it was completed a few months back, many more of our fellow Cheeseheads are not.  Do not take offense if you do not find yourself here as we are feverishly working on a few more promos and will post them on the site soon…

* * *

* * *

Check out these shots of our fellow Cheeseheads (and feel free to submit your own Cheesehead shot to us for future postings)…

* * *

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