When It Ends At Lambeau Field, It Must Be A Great Time…

We wrapped up the May segment of shooting in Green Bay at the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon, where the last mile of the marathon enters in, circles around the outside track, then exits back out into the parking lot of Lambeau Field.  What a way to end a good long run.  It was a cold and windy Sunday in May, but that didn’t stop the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon from breaking participation records (likely in part due to the Super Bowl XLV victory that made people want to participate).  Add to that a couple of brats and beers waiting for you when finished (so typically a Wisconsin thing as witnessed at a couple of other runs this year), and it’s a great time for all, even if exahausted…

Thanks to everyone involved for letting us be a part of it, particularly to Cellcom for hooking us up with media passes…

* * *

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2 Responses to “When It Ends At Lambeau Field, It Must Be A Great Time…”
  1. Hey Kelly, Just think of it this way. It will be the end of single life, and the start of something even greater. Congrats and be sure to send / post pictures here after the wedding…


  2. Kelly says:

    I am getting married at Lambeau Field next year – so I hope it doesn’t ALL “end at Lambeau Field.” :)))


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