The Mustard Girl And Her Cheeseheads Connection…

Jennifer Connor “The Mustard Girl” of  Mustard Girl All American Mustards, contacted us well before we arrived in Wisconsin to get involved with the documentary.  Being from Laona, and a U.W. Madison Alumni, she has been quite a valuable resource for us as things have moved along.  We met up with her in May at Packerpalooza in Chicago and she gave us quite the interview for the documentary as well.  She is also the power behind some of the most fantastic gourmet mustard you will ever put on a brat or sausage so check out her website for yourself at:  Mustard Girl  – Thanks for everything Jennifer and more soon…

* * *

One Response to “The Mustard Girl And Her Cheeseheads Connection…”
  1. Sarah Hogoboom says:

    The Mustard Girl is from Laona, Wis., not Leona.


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