The Judge And His Ultimate Collection…

One of our many terrific interviews was with Super Fan John DesJardins (a.k.a. The Judge as I nicknamed him) who had many interesting stories to tell about his lifelong love of the Green Bay Packers stemming from the fact that his grandfather (by the same name) was an original Packers player (sponsored that year by the Indian Packing Company) from 1919 (see photos of some of his grandfather’s items).  He also testified to the fact that he actually was at the Ice Bowl as evidenced by the ticket stub he showed me, something that many claim but few can actually prove.  We got a lot of great footage with John and some terrific shots of his Packers memorabilia collection.  Here are but a few shots of that, along with John in his quite unique tailgating outfit.  Thanks John for being such a super fan…

* * *

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