A Blizzard In Green Bay, A Beach Ball Hit On The Head…

Everyone involved with the Green Bay Blizzard deserves huge applause for their willingness to get involved.  Not only did we get some amazing game footage, and a rather  hilarious interview from upper management, the camera guy (namely John) got hit in the head with a beach buy the size of a pickup truck (see photo below for comparison).  He was both balsy and brave enough to protect the camera while keeping the shot going and is much better off for the experience with a funny story to tell as well.  

Seriously, the guys at the Green Bay Blizzard really know how to throw a great game-day party, and they throw cheese curds into the stands during time outs as well.  This was by far the most exciting shoot we did the entire trip.  And now that the Blizzard has won the Great Lakes Division Champions title, here’s to hoping we get yet another Wisconsin team going all the way to the championship in what is turning out to be the Year Of The Cheesehead.  Enjoy the photo, video clips coming soon.

* * *

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