Super Bowl XLV – Joe Montana Autograph Signing Near Super Bowl Stadium

Knowing ahead of time that Joe Montana would be signing autographs at the Wal Mart across the street from Cowboys Stadium on Friday afternoon (for the DVD release of Top 100 NFL’s Greatest Players), we made certain to be in line early so we could get our very own.

When I walked up with my heavy winter Packers jacket on, Joe looked at me with an acknowledging smirk, pointed at the Packers logo,  and said “Oh boy”, then signed my DVD and smiled as he handed it back to me.  Yes, I was a bit enamored, but then I was likely the first guy in line he saw with a Packers jacket on since the majority of people there (we would guess in the several hundreds) were wearing San Francisco memorabilia.

Thanks Joe for being so cool and winning four Super Bowls during a time when the Packers, well let’s face it, we sucked in the 80’s…  BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

NOTE: The above video was taken on a smart phone…

All photos on this page (C) 2011 – CHEESEHEADS: The Documentary

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