LAMBEAU LEAP: A Gridiron Romantic Comedy


Synopsis by John Mitchell

Lambeau Leap is a comedy about a die-hard NFL football fan who takes his girlfriend on a romantic trip for a game at Lambeau Field only to have his secret halftime marriage proposal jeopardized by an old high school bully who torments the couple.  It’s about the love of the game, the merging of passions and outsmarting the idiots that get in the way of your dream.

Matthew LeNoue has everything a man could want, a great career, a beautiful girlfriend and, for the first time in his life, luxury box tickets to a Green Bay Packers game at the hollowed grounds of Lambeau Field.  On a trip back to Wisconsin for the big day, Matthew is determined to keep his pending marriage proposal secret from perpetual daddy’s girl Emily and prove to her that he is the main man in her life.  Little does he realize that this will be the least of his troubles.

Matthew soon discovers from his brother Stephen that their old high school bully Mike still holds a grudge against him, a grudge Matthew never even knew existed.  Mike and his posse of trailer-trash friends go out of their way to torment the couple, hitting on Emily, painting anti-Packers graffiti on their house and crashing the family barbecue.

On the day of the game, with the proposal due on the big screen at halftime, all hell breaks loose.  Mike picks a fight and in the ensuing scuffle, steals the tickets from Matthew and takes off for the stadium.  Matthew, Emily, Stephen and his wife try in vain to catch them before they get through the ticket lines.

With the precious minutes ticking down before halftime, they ponder every way possible to get into the stadium.  Emily is now consumed with revenge for Mike making her miss the game with her man, unaware that his tension riddled frustration has nothing to do with missing the game, but rather missing the halftime surprise.

Lambeau Leap is a comedy for anyone who has ever been seriously passionate, be it about sports, art, or another person.  While the backdrop of NFL football is evident, the story is really an homage to the dedication of sports fans the world over, about finally attaining a nearly impossible childhood dream, and finding that right person to share the beautiful moments with.

* * *


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