Tell Your Story Your Way, But Back It Up With Western Digital

Western Digital has been on board with this project from the start and we’e been safely and reliably editing from and backing up to their external drives for Mac the entire time.  That’s why I came up with this spot on slogan for them – “Tell Your Story Your Way, But Back It Up With Western … Continue reading

A Big Cheeseheads Shout Out To Western Digital…

* * * Now that we have wrapped up this year’s Super Bowl XLV coverage, that is until we put together some great video footage to post from the dozens of hours of tape we now have to go through, we wanted to give a big cheeseheads shout out to Western Digital for assisting us … Continue reading

Western Digital & The “Cheesehead” Nation

Western Digital, a leader throughout the world in internal and external storage drives, has a place in our hearts and in our cheese.  All of us involved in the production of the upcoming feature “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” have been using Western Digital drives with great reliability for as long as any of us have been … Continue reading