The Tundra Lodge Water Park… Summer Fun All Year Around.

The Tundra Lodge in Green Bay is back on board with us for this round of shooting in Wisconsin and though we covered them extensively last time around, we didn’t get around to showing photos of their magnificent water park at the lodge.  Waterparks seem to be unique to Wisconsin on the level the hotels … Continue reading

Tundra Lodge: It’s Like A Visit To Twin Peaks

The Tundra Lodge was incredibly supportive in getting things going for us in Green Bay during our shooting days there and will be involved throughout the project during the August and September segments as well.  One of the coolest things about the Tundra Lodge is the decor and design of the place from top to … Continue reading

The Tundra Lodge Hotel & Waterpark :: Green Bay’s Other Tundra

The Tundra Lodge Hotel & Waterpark is a great place to visit and stay at when in Green Bay.  It has all the amenities you would ever need, a waterpark to boot, and it’s less than a mile from Lambeau Field.  That’s where we’ll be staying in May when we get to Green Bay for … Continue reading