Fun With Fundraisers UWBC

We did a show at the UWBC Campus in Rice Lake as a fundraiser for the Barron County Historical Museum (located in Cameron), since I’ve always been a big fan of that place, having been there dozens of of times in my youth.  We raised a bit of money, had fun hanging with Chester Marcol, and then went to Stone Oven Pizza in Cameron afterwards so that Chester could chow on the best pizza in the area.  Also want to thank Chrissy Mount Kapp (The Vintage Painter) for being there and displaying her terrific art (Chrissy is also in the film).

And as always, thanks to those sponsors who make things happen for us:  

@wiscohotel @Nueskes @WisconsinCheese @CheeseCurdsWI @mustardgirlUSA

* * *

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