Summer Fun In Titletown

It’s always so rewarding when you plot and plan, then put a world of work into something only to see it come off brilliantly.  That’s what we had with event at the Green Bay Distillery last month just across the street from a place called Lambeau.  The big event included Nash FM hosting and giving away tickets to the Hall Of Fame game in Canton.  The screening was phenomenal with a terrific turnout.  Chester Marcol was there signing for us, and lots of my super fan friends attended.

It’s one of those nights that is best left to pictures as words aren’t quite enough to get the point across.  Of course we do want to thank our many sponsors, including some new ones for this particular show American Foods Group, Oh Snap Pickles, and of course the Green Bay Distillery for hosting.  @DonJohnsonAuto @wiscohotel @Nueskes @WisconsinCheese @CheeseCurdsWI @mustardgirlUSA

* * *

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