Fun With Beer & Cheese In Monroe

We had a pleasant evening at the Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe.  And how could you not with Ellsworth Cheese Curds, Nueske’s meats, and Minhas Craft Beer!  Well sure, top that with a movie and you’ve got a great evening.  I was also delighted to get our Cheeseheads: The Beer placed on their shelves of fame (see photos).  Thanks to the people at Minhas for taking good care of us, and of course to our usual suspects, the sponsors:  @DonJohnsonAuto @wiscohotel @Nueskes @WisconsinCheese @CheeseCurdsWI @mustardgirlUSA

* * *

01 Minhas SIGN Wide 02 Minhas Sign CU 03 Haydock Museum Sign 04 Minhas Metal Growlers Alexis Nueskes CU Alexis Nueskes WIDE Alexis Pouring Awe For Eric CH Beer JOINS The Wall CH Poster MINHAS Wide Counter Display Ellsworth Minhas 01 Ellsworth Minhas 02 Ellsworth Minhas 03 WI Cheese Maps MINHAS


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