Manitowoc Moo-vie Magic

We had a terific time in Manitowoc with over 200 people showing up for the film sreening at the Capitol Civic Centre in Downtown Manitowoc.  What an awesome building and a great event.  When the show started, it was snowing like crazy, but by the time it ended, the sun was out and it was 50 degrees.  A metaphor for making the movie for sure.  I especially loved that they had it up on both digital marquees for the weekend (see photos).  Makes it feel even more real.

Special thanks to Jason Ring at the Manitowoc Convention & Visitors Bureau for helping make the whole thing happen, and to the CCC for trusting that we could fill the seats.  Also, per usual, thanks to the sponsors who hooked us up with goods to give out 

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2 Responses to “Manitowoc Moo-vie Magic”
  1. Lori Anderson says:

    Where can I find a schedule of where the documentary will be played?

    I’d love to see it but I see this thread ‘after the fact’.

    And… I was in Manitowoc on Saturday!


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