“Cheeseheads” Hits The Big Time On Fox 6 News

One of my most fascinating interviews to date was with Tom Pipines of Fox 6 News in Milwaukee.  By interviews I mean he interviewed me.  And the reason it was so fascinating was because he taught me how to really evoke something special from your subject without asking much at all.  He knew exactly what to ask to draw all sorts of interesting and informative answers out of me.  Glad I had that experience, as it will make me a better interviewer in the future.  To that end, thanks to Tom for being such an honest and endearing news man, and for such terrific coverage of the documentary.

* * *

You Can Watch The Interview Here:  http://fox6now.com/2015/12/07/what-does-being-a-cheesehead-in-wisconsin-truly-mean-new-documentary-explores-that-topic/#ooid=BocHVkeTriSqgUpwbHcTE0cRepliL7q2

* * *


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