Back To Where It All Began

From the Rose Bowl 2011 to Super Bowl XLV, the journey really began in a small sleeper town in the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin where I learned how to study and think creatively.  My love of travel was inspired by the many family trips we took around Wisconsin as a kid.  The love of Wisconsin and being a Cheesehead never went away despite living and working in the entertainment industry in California for 20 plus years.  

So now this story ends, but it truly really begins, at the high school I graduated from where we will be launching the first of many screenings throughout the state (and the Midwest) over the next several months.

As a tribute to the place where this Cheesehead came from, we will be doing a free screening at the Cameron School Auditorium on December 19th 2015, the official launch of “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” so please join for some fun, some food (from our terrific sponsors) and a film.  Hope to see you there.

* * *

One Response to “Back To Where It All Began”
  1. Roxanne says:

    How can we buy the film?


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