The Man Behind That Cheeseheads Movie Got On WTMJ 620

Thanks to John Mercure and all of the great people on WTMJ 620 Wisconsin Afternoon News (thanks Erin for the extra effort), we were able to get on the Wisconsin Afternoon News segment of WTMJ 620 for a fun five minute interview about the documentary and the journey it took to make it.  I had a great time sitting in with the guys and talking love of Wisconsin.  Seems they rather liked what we had to offer too.  Here’s the link to their page listing for the film, as well as a link to the audio podcast for the segment I was on (October 22nd 2015).  This is getting to be way too much fun for one guy to handle.  You can listen to it here:



Or click on the photos below and that will take you to the respective page to check it out.  Please share on all of your social media pages.

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WTMJ And Me 01

WTMJ And Me 02

WTMJ And Me 03

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