“Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Movie Trailer

Introducing (well it’s been on Youtube for a week) the “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Movie Trailer, affectionately titled “A Brief History Of Wisconsin”.  It’s a lot of fun, says many great things about Wisconsin, and poses the deeper question of what exactly a Cheesehead is.  Of course I leave you hanging, but that’s the whole point of a good movie trailer.  

Hopefully it will make everyone want to see it when we kick off the DVD Launch Tour late November.  More details on that coming next week. Meanwhile, please SHARE this over and over again with everyone you know, as well as around all of your social media so we can get the word out far and wide and make this a tremendous Cheesehead Nation success (remind you of anyone, err, team?  Every fan chipping in to be a part of it).

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CH 2x5 postcard

2 Responses to ““Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Movie Trailer”
  1. Glenn says:

    Great documentary idea hope you included Solly’s Grille’s (Glendale) original CheeseHead Burger it’s all good CheeseHead stuff.
    Can’t wait to see the documentary


    • Thanks for the comments Glenn. Unfortunately, and as I say in the film, “even an average sized state is quite large”, so we couldn’t put everything in the film. But I think you will be proud of how we represented Wisconsin & the Cheesehead Culture.


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