Now They Can Legally Drink Their Own Beer

Turning 21 has its pleasures, including being able to legally drink beer (except in Wisconsin, which doesn’t quite have the same laws as elsewhere).  But the pun is fun in this case since the Dallas located brewery known as Valkyrie is celebrating its 21st year.  Confusing?  Maybe.  Fun?  Hell yeah.  Ann & Randy are awesome, and so are their beers.  We love this place for those reasons and more.  Welcome to the legal drinking age, even if you’ve been skirting the metaphoric age for two decades.  When in Dallas, you gotta check out this awesome brewery.

* * *

A Man Performing

Decorated Back Wall

Finally 21

Fountain Flames

Happy Birthday Sign

Valjyrie Growler

Valkyrie Beer Sign

* * *

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