Brett Favre Forever A Packers Hall Of Famer

After all those years of never getting to see Brett Favre at Lambeau Field, I was determined to be at his induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame (and number retirement).  Thanks to my pal Steve “The Owner” Tate for getting me a ticket (it was sold out months ago).  I would have hung outside the stadium regardless, but it was so much better to see Brett enter the bowl through the tunnel.  He got emotional, the fans got emotional, I got… wait I’m not supposed to admit that.  But hey, after a sixteen year man crush and a sad breakup, it’s great to have Favre back in the family.  More photos throughout the week, but here are some shots of when Favre addressed the fans in the bowl.

* * *

Atrium Wide Shot

Favre Fan Shirts 03

Favre Gameday HUGS

FAVRE Night Paper

FAVRE On Field 03

FAVRE On Screen 01

FAVRE On Screen 02

FAVRE On Screen 03

FAVRE On Screen 04

FAVRE On Screen 05

FAVRE On Screen 06

FAVRE On Screen 07

FAVRE On Screen 08

FAVRE On Screen 09

FAVRE OS Exit 03

* * *

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