Outside House On The Rock

I shot these quite some time ago, but just found them.  While the interior tour of House On The Rock is used in the documentary (to humorous and a bit eery effect), only a smidgen of the exterior, also an awesome place to visit, is used.  That place just keeps going and going.  Enjoy, and visit them when next in Southern Wisconsin.

* * *

Entering HOTR

HOTR Direction Sign

HOTR Drive 12

HOTR Drive 13

HOTR Drive 15

HOTR Entrance

HOTR Exteriors 01

HOTR Exteriors 06

HOTR Exteriors 07

HOTR Exteriors 08

HOTR Exteriors 09

HOTR Exteriors 12

HOTR Exteriors 13

HOTR Exteriors 14

HOTR Exteriors 15

HOTR Exteriors 19

HOTR Exteriors 24

HOTR Inn Dodgeville

HOTR Miles To

The HOTR Exit Sign

All photos © John Mitchell – I AM Productions

* * *

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