The Morgue Haunted House

I know it’s not Holloween, but stumbling upon some fun pictures while driving back roads near DePere, I came across an old school house renamed The Morgue, and took several photos of it.  Interestingly enough, there was also a church right next to it.  After finding the pictures, I looked up what it might be and it turns out to be a fun-house of horrors every October, but with a really fascinating (and sad) back story as to how that came about.  Here’s a bit from their website The Morgue Haunted House.

“The Morgue is a 1920s School building. In 1929 a deadly influenza epidemic swept through the area, leaving scores of people dead. Families and authorities were too overwhelmed with the volume of deaths to be able to bury and care for the deceased in a timely manner. School instruction was abandoned, and the school was set up as temporary Morgue facility, with bodies housed throughout the the three floors. (more info at the website link above, don’t  want to steal other people’s content.” 

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MORGUE Oneida 01

MORGUE Oneida 02

MORGUE Oneida 03

MORGUE Oneida 04

MORGUE Oneida 05

MORGUE Oneida Church

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One Response to “The Morgue Haunted House”
  1. Morgue Witch says:

    Thank you for stumbling upon us! Hope you return to see us in October. The building is of beautiful old world architecture of days gone by. It is a project that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve seen friendships made, young people grow into adults, artwork and craftsmanship created, accolades given, charities benefited and enjoyment brought to 1000s over the past 18 years here. This place will be a big part of me always and I’m glad we were able to share it with you! Sincerely, the Morgue Witch


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