Fifield – Phonetically Funny

Found these shots I took as I drove through the very tiny town of FiField and the name struck me as phonetically funny.  Of course Wisconsin is no stranger to odd sounding or hard to pronounce town names like Lac Du Flambeau (Yeah, we who love Lambeau Field understand that one, but to an outsider, it’s like jibberish) or Weyauwega or even Viroqua.  And then there are also the easy ones that are not pronounced like they are spelled, such as Shawano, which is pronounced SHAW-NO.  I could go on, but we’ll save that lengthy discussion for another day.  Meanwhile, enjoy these Great Northwoodsy photos of FiField.

* * *

Fifield 01

Fifield 02

Fifield 03

Fifield 04

Fifield 05

Fifield Museum

Fifield Sign

* * *

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