The Tripoli Shrine Center In Milwaukee

I took these shots on a snowy, gloomy day, so they don’t even come close to the dazzling nature of the Tripoli Shrine Center in Milwaukee.  Didn’t get a chance to go inside, which I hear is even more astounding, but will get around to that next time in Milwaukee.

From the Tripoli Shrine Center website:  “The Shriners, founded in New York City in 1872, are an organization composed solely of Master Masons. This is an International fraternity of over a half million members that belong to 195 Shrine Centers Worldwide. The Shrine, although known for colorful parades, circuses and clowns, has a very serious side. Since 1922, the Shrine has supported and operated a network of 22 specialized hospitals providing expert, orthopedic and burn care to children 18 and under, regardless of  the patient’s or family’s ability to pay.

* * *

Tripoli Shrine 01

Tripoli Shrine 02

Tripoli Shrine 03

Tripoli Shrine CU

Tripoli Shrine FRONT

Tripoli Shrine SIGN

* * *

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