Rose Bowl 2013 – Bummer Loss, But Lots Of Fun

While it was a bummer loss (for the third year in a row) at the Rose Bowl, Cheesehead Nation still had a great deal of fun per usual.  One major note of interest is that our buddy Steve (famous for his “Eat Cheese Or Die” poster at the Rose Bowl) got onto ESPN at the beginnig of the game for his awesome Wisconsin and Cheesehead garb.  A photo of it is posted below, as are various shots of the U.W. marching band in the Rose Bowl parade, tailgating outside the Rose Bowl, and a few screen captures from the game.  Go Bucky…

* * *

SKRO 05 RB2013 (Peter) RB 2013 Parade 03 RB 2013 Parade 01 RB 2013 Parade 02 Wisconsin Flags RB 2013 Bucky 05 CH at RB 2013

* * *

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