Wisconsin Cheese Curds In California

Seems as though my old stomping grounds in Orange County (California) is rife with good taste.  I found these Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery cheese curds from Wisconsin in a Sprouts chain (sort of a Whole Foods, but nowhere near the price gouger) of gorcery and health food stores.  They also had Henning’s chipotle cheddar there (Henning’s is in Kiel).  The coolest thing is, we interviewed and shot at both of those places for the documentary.  People are going to love our coverage of how cheese curds are made, thanks to the shooting tour of the Ellsworth factory.

For all of us from Wisconsin, note the extremely high price on a 5 ounce bag compared with what we pay in America’s Dairyland.  Well worth it when it’s the only place you can get them out here where the cows are certainly not happier.

* * *

Ellsworth OC 01 Ellsworth OC 02 Ellsworth OC 03 Hennings OC Too


2 Responses to “Wisconsin Cheese Curds In California”
  1. Fiona Harding says:

    They are a bargain at any price. But word to the wise:they have great mail order service!


    • Yes they do. I always bring several bags back with me whenever I travel. Love Ellsworth most of all… Wait until you see the footage we shot at the factory on how Cheese Curds are made. So much fun.


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