Goodbye My Texan Cheesehead Friend

To All, 
Our “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Co-Producer, and one of my closest friends Craig Miller decided not to wake up on the morning of November 7th 2012 (he died in his sleep, but I’m trying to be humorous about it like he would expect of me), so I’m a bit down for the time being.  
Craig was a great writer/editor/thinker who supported this project from the beginning and contributed handily to the story and structure of the documentary, as well as putting me up at his house and taking good care of me the week of SB45.  
The saddest part for me is that he will never get to see me making fun of him in good humor in parts of the film he knew (and loathed) that he would be in.  Well that, and our many lengthy conversations over the past fifteen years about football, philosophy, science, art, entertainment, and a whole wealth of other things that only he and I could keep up with each other on because we both loved to think about any and everything that struck our fancy (and most of those topics were mutual loves).
A few months ago, he admitted that he was an “Adopted Cheesehead” at heart because of his fondness for the subject matter of this documentary (though still a Cowboys fan).  We’re lucky to have had him amongst our ranks for at least a short while (and an eternity, since I’m sticking him in the film somewhere).
I don’t mean to make any of you sad, so here are a few of great shots I took of a proud Texan, who was also a Dallas Cowboys fan, yet wearing a Cheeseheads T-shirt and building a snowman in Texas the day before Super Bowl XLV (with his daughter Jennifer).
May our thoughts be with Jennifer for losing her father at such a young age.  And thank you for tolerating me as I express my sadness for losing a dear friend (and thus proving that I do actually have a heart underneath it all).  Craig would have laughed heartily at that parenthetical.
Goodbye My Texan Cheesehead Friend.
John Mitchell, Producer
Cheeseheads: The Documentary

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