Usinger’s In Orange County California

While traveling down to The O.C. (Orange County, California, where I used to live, and one of the few places that has a Wisconsin Vibe in CA), I stopped by the market I used to shop at all the time and discovered that they now carry Usinger’s sausages and meat products.  I took these photos to prove it.   Now I know why I love that market so much.  It’s great to have access to some Wisconsin brats and high quality foods in Southern California.  Now if only I could get Spotted Cow out here.

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7 Responses to “Usinger’s In Orange County California”
  1. Mitchell says:

    Sprouts Farmers Market in Laguna Nigel.


  2. Diane miller says:

    Where in Orange County is this market


  3. Celeste Cantu says:

    What market in oc carries these usingers products?

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  4. Bethany Eisel says:

    Can you please tell me the the name of this market and what town it’s in? Thanks.


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