All Good Things… A Packers Season Recap In Fan Photos

There’s really not that much to say about the loss in the playoffs this past weekend, certainly nothing that hundreds of other sports reporters and newscasters haven’t already speculated on or blabbed about so we’re not even going to try.  And even with the record-breaking season for wins, points, Rodgers, and more, we’d like to make one thing clear above all others, that this documentary is not about the Green Bay Packers.  They are the launching point from which the idea began, but this is the story of US, we the Cheesehead nation.

So in honor of all of us who met up, made friends, and rooted the Packers on in 2011, here’s a brief recap in fan photos of the season that all began for us at the Packers Tailgate Tour event in May and carried on through (even to the Vikings / Packers game in Minneapolis).  By no means is this a comprehensive collection of fan photos that we took, only a sampling because we can only get so many on a page.  Here’s to all of us Cheeseheads for being the reason they play the game.  Descriptions of what and where are above each photo.

* * *

Super Bowl XLV Banner At The Packer Hall Of Fame

Packers Tailgate Tour with Steve The Owner Tate & The Lombardi Trophies

The Titletown Clown & Fans Before The Season Opener

Packers Training Camp 2011 With Matt Flynn Under Center

Aaron Rodgers & Clay Matthews During Family Night 2011

Fans And  A Blow Up Clay Matthews During NFL Opening Night Festivities

Packers & Chiefs On Field During The Pre-Season Game At Lambeau

Fireworks At The Completion Of The National Anthem Opening Night

The Fence Painter Tailgating In The Parking Lot At Lambeau

Darth Packer & Fellow Fans After The Packers / Broncos Game At Lambeau

Rodgers Under Center During The Packers / Broncos Game At Lambeau

Fans & Super Fans Alike At The Opening Night Of The LOMBARDI Play In Milwaukee

Kelly Jaspers Meeting Up With Us At The Packers / Vikings Game In Minneapolis

A Lone Wolf Packers Backer In The Midst Of Vikings Treachery

The Reason They Play The Game Is US, But Lombardi Trophies Are Inspiring All The Same

* * *

(C) I AM Productions 2012

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