The Bodega Brew Pub In La Crosse

While taking a day trip to La Crosse to check out what was there, we happened upon the Bodega Brew Pub in Historic Downtown.  It’s easy to fall in love with La Crosse the minute you drive through it for its rustic “Industrial Wisconsin” flavor, the edge of the water vibe, and a downtown area that resembles a century ago.  The Bodega Brew Pub on 4th Street is right in the heart of all of it.  The building has to be a hundred years old or more and boasts of having 400 beers and 15 taps.  They also speak of ghost stories from the pubs paste in the haunting basement.  And the people (living ones) that we talked to over a beer only added to the charm of this place.  If  you are ever in La Crosse checking out the world’s largest six pack just up the street, you gotta stop by here for a local brew or two.  You can also check them out at:  Bodega Brew Pub.

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