Into The Record Books For A Storied Franchise

In commenoration of the Green Bay Packers winning their 14th game this season, the first time in team history, it only seemed fitting to post a few photos from ever so long ago.  These are a few photos we shot along our journey this past year, one of which appears to be (or so we were told) the very first full color photograph of the Green Bay Packers from 1935 while playing at the Rhinelander High School in 1935 (bottom photo).  We found that photo in the Rhinelander Mayor’s office while interview Mayor Dick Johns, who graciously let us photograph and record it for the documentary.

Congratulations to us all for another team record broken, and to Aaron Rodgers for his 45 touchdowns and 4600 plus yards passing, also new team records.  Now onto the playoffs and hopefully Super Bowl XLVI…

* * *

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