LOMBARDI Opening Night In Milwaukee: A Legendary Evening

To honor the Green Bay Packers still undeated season, 11 and 0 and something the Packers have never accomplished prior, we felt it appropriate to share some of our photos with several of the Super Fans that have been an amazing part of this documentary the entire time.  During the opening night of LOMBARDI at the Milwaukee Repetory Theater (who graciously accomodated us), we were all able to get together for a pre-show Tailgate party to meet with fellow fans and attendees.  

Those at hand with us included The Owner, Saint Vince, Acme Packer, and Cheese Louise.  And of course lets not forget Harley Mike, a new Super Fan inductee along with his wife who brought out their customized Harley Davidson bike (yes, Harley is a Milwuakee based company, thus a cheesehead through and through in its own right) which everyone found to be one of the most fascinating parts of the pre-show party.

To top off the evening, legendary Packers players Bart Starr and Paul Hornung showed up for the evening festivities and gave a speach after the play which we were able to record for the Milwaukee Repotory Theater and the documentary.  It was one of those evening where everything came together in a way to make for a lifelong memory for all involved, which is exactly why we are doing this documentary, to tell everyone’s stories and show that we are much more than just funny foam hats…

* * *

* * *

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