Stone Oven Pizzeria | The Hot Rock Pizza Shop In Cameron

Over the course of shooting these past few months we made friends with the owners of Stone Oven Pizzeria in the town of Cameron where some of us grew up.  In fact you can see that old childhood home right out the window of their dine-in area.  The pizza here is awesome, but the people who run it are even better.  If you happen to get by there on a Tuesday night they have a rockin pizza buffet so you can check out all the different kinds of pizza they serve for a reasonably good price.  Mention to them that you are a fellow Cheesehead and you’ll hear all sorts of great Packers stories (espeically ask for the one about the cat).  Lot’s of fun with our fellow Cheeseheads…  Check them out here Stone Oven Pizzeria | The Hot Rock Pizza Shop!.

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