Packers Family Night 2011: A Storm In And Of Itself

As if winning a Super Bowl wasn’t enough in this stormy Year Of The Cheesehead, the Packers Family Night 2011 was a storm in and of itself, literally.  Barely a half hour into the event, thick black clouds darkened out the setting sun and gave us the impression that nature wasn’t going to let the night go uninturrupted.  And a short time later it accomodated, forcing the staduim to evacuate into the protective concourse for over an hour.  

Ultimately, however, we were all allowed back into the bowl once the worst of it had passed, though the rain was still pouring down.  Of course one can’t miss the chance to be at Lambeau Field during inclement weather without taking part in it so that’s exactly what we did, and got soaking wet in the process.  Alas, there was a happy ending to the evening with a fantastic show of fireworks (see photos) to the delight of all of us Cheeseheads…

* * *

* * *

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