Drive Like A Cheesehead (With Avis Budget)…

Now that we are back on the road for the documentary we wanted to give out a big Cheesehead thanks to Avis Budget Rental Cars for coming on board with “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”.  We have it on good information that one of their top executives is a fellow cheesehead and a football lover, so we’re proud to have Avis Budget as a part of the project.  And now that we are back on the road shooting throughout Wisconsin over the next six weeks, we’ll be travelling in style, and with exceptionally good gas milage since they gave us a hybrid to tool around in.  So many thanks to Avis Budget and go rent there cars when you get around to travelling through Wisconsin.

We’ll be posting many more photos and updates on our journey through the Dairy State as we go.  Despite the tremendously busy shooting schedule we have going, we’ll try to keep you informed every day or so on what’s happening.

* * *

* * *

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