Cheeseheads On Ice: Our Dalliance With The Milwaukee Admirals

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Greenburg, owner (partner) of the Milwaukee Admirals AHL hockey team at the Bradley Center in Downtown Milwaukee earlier in May while the Admirals were still in the hunt for the Culder Cup.  Not only that, we also got to play around on the ice and get some great footage of the arena.  Yes that is me, a cheesehead on ice, risking my but and my camera to get a few good shots.  Luckily neither were harmed in the making of this segment of the documentary.  Thanks to fellow cheesehead Ryan Ellerbusch for his production assistance and for taking many great photos.  

* * *

One Response to “Cheeseheads On Ice: Our Dalliance With The Milwaukee Admirals”
  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Cheeseheads On Ice: Our Dalliance With The
    Milwaukee Admirals | Cheeseheads: The Documentary <Loved it!


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