Holiday Inn Madison West – This Is Where We Are And It’s Awesome…

We are now on the road for our “Tailgate Wisconsin” leg of the documentary and having a great deal of success in getting things going.  We shot a bit of Bucky Badger at Kohl Center tonight, and will be at Crazlegs Classic in the morning at Camp Randel Stadium, then onto Packerpalooza at Will’s Northwoods Inn on Sunday in Chicago.
In the meantime, the Wisco Hotel Group, a Wisconsin only hotel group,  has come on board and is involved with the documentary on a number of levels and we are staying at their fantastic Holiday Inn location in Madison West for the duration of our Madison shoot this week.  Check them out at the link below for your next visit to Madison, Milwaukee, and several other locations, but only in Wisconsin.
We will continue to report on what’s going on every day or so as we make this documentary happen for all of us CHEESEHEADS…  More soon…
* * *

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