“Only In America” With Larry The Cable Guy Visits Mark Madson In Clinton


This weeks episode (March 1st) of “Only In America” With Larry The Cable Guy featured a visit to a good pal Mark Madson’s place in Clinton Wisconsin where Mark showed of his truck in the tree (as the picture below shows), dynamited some limestone, and floated the future Packermobile on a lake.  It was quite a humorous segment and we really enjoyed watching Wisconsin be represented once again for it’s unique and peculiar things and people.

We interviewed Mark about the Packermobile when we met up with him in Arlington during Super Bowl XLV week, and will be covering more of this Cheesehead Madman as we go along.

To watch the episode with Mark in it go to:  Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy — History.com TV Episodes, Schedule, & Video.

To check out Mark and his Packermobile visit:  http://www.markmadson.com/

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