The Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls

* * *

On a recent visit to the Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls, my brother and I discovered something right at our back door (almost literally) that we had been missing for the past twenty years, some of the best craft brewed beer you will find anywhere in the United States, Leinenkugel’s Brew.

While we had known the name since well before we were old enough to drink beer, neither of us had ever got around to trying it until we took the tour this August.  Now both of us are solid fans of their many varieties, all of which seemed better than the last one as we went along sampling them (or maybe that was just the beer talking).

Whatever the reasons one has for falling in love, ten distinctly different and varied types of beer certainly can rank high on the list for nearly anyone.  This was the first of many brewery tours we intend to take while making “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”, and we will gladly report back our findings after every single tour (though likely a day later so as not to be drunk-typing).

* * *

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Via Welcome to the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

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