Harley Davidson: An Open Road Wisconsin Original

Harley Davidson, the preeminent motorcycle company in the world, is a Wisconsin original and has been manufacturing their bikes in Milwaukee since 1903.  While we weren’t able to shoot at the factory, we did get to visit the Harley Davidson Museum and learn a good deal about the history of the bike known the world over.  Even if you are not a motorcycle enthuseist, they machines are true works of art and can be greatly appreciated for that fact alone. The first photo is of the original factory where the Serial #1 bike was made, the rest are of our visit to the considerably more modern establishment.  An interesting note, the black steel I-Beems that line the sidewalks of the property are actually the Harley version of a park bench…

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3 Responses to “Harley Davidson: An Open Road Wisconsin Original”
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  2. Man I have to get out there! One of these days I will visit and see where the motor magic is made.


    • You really aught to. Despite (or because of) the rev of the engines every few minutes on the test stations, it was quite a pleasant place to even just sit outside and enjoy the day. And the bikes are amazing too…


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