An Upside Down White House In Wisconsin Dells

White House Wisconsin Dells

The upside down alien attacked White House in Wisconsin Dells looks even more creepy when you shoot it at night when no one is around (see video).  It’s like it really happened, and with Halloween upon us, it has all the luster of a haunted house.  Creepy and cool all the same. * * * … Continue reading

Lexxy Cow At The Wisconsin Capital Building

Lexxy Capital 04

Last fall after we had the opportunity to interview Mayor Soglin of Madison for the documentary, our traveling companion mascot Lexxy decided she must have her picture taken at the state capital building, so that’s exactly what we did.  She also had to posh it up in our Avis Budget rental for the sake of … Continue reading

The Painted Steers Of New Glarus…

New Glarus Steer 03

When visiting New Glarus Brewery a while back (photos of the brewery coming soon), it was evident thay they love their steers, likely because of the Swiss heritage the town relishes, being known as Little Switzerland.  Further, our Minong friend Jack Link’s Beef Jerky also has a factory in New Glarus.  Whatever their reasons for … Continue reading

Houdini At A Castle In Appleton: Fitting For Sure


While we covered a number of things previously about how terrific the Museum At The Castle In Appleton was, we aslo promised to post some of the Harry Houdini related photos from the exhibit the we took.  Again, thanks to Matthew and everyone else there for giving us a terrific interview and a great day … Continue reading

Tundra Lodge: It’s Like A Visit To Twin Peaks


The Tundra Lodge was incredibly supportive in getting things going for us in Green Bay during our shooting days there and will be involved throughout the project during the August and September segments as well.  One of the coolest things about the Tundra Lodge is the decor and design of the place from top to … Continue reading

A Blizzard In Green Bay, A Beach Ball Hit On The Head…


Everyone involved with the Green Bay Blizzard deserves huge applause for their willingness to get involved.  Not only did we get some amazing game footage, and a rather  hilarious interview from upper management, the camera guy (namely John) got hit in the head with a beach buy the size of a pickup truck (see photo … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You

* * *

Painted Cows At The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board


We want to give a big shout out of thanks to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board for their assistance in helping us move things along with the many artisan cheesemakers throughout Wisconsin.  When it comes to innovative internet marketing, these guys really have it down pat with sites like Eat Wisconsin Cheese, Cheese Cupid, The … Continue reading

Lots Of Limestone, A Little Devil’s Lake & A Truck In The Tree!


On a visit to the Little Limestone quarry in Clinton Wisconsin, we discovered that Mark “Madman” Madson is everything he is cracked up to be, and quite the funny guy too.  We posted about Mark previously when Larry The Cable Guy covered him for an episode of “Only In America” a few months back as … Continue reading

Mustard In Middleton: A Museum Like None Other

Mustard Museum 02

* * * These guys at the Mustard Museum were terrific.  Barry was quite the tour guide as he took me through the history and uniquenes of all things mustard, and you can only find this in Middleton Wisconsin where mustard reigns supreme.  We got some great footage and a few laughs here, and are … Continue reading

Wisconsin’s Own Harry Houdini, In Celebration Of His Birthday!


Today marks the 137th birthday of Harry Houdini, and if he were still alive that would have made it his greatest feat ever.  Kidding aside, Houdini was one of Wisconsin’s favorite sons who grew up in Appleton and went on to become the greatest and most well known magicians of all time.  Google even paid … Continue reading

Crazylegs Classic 2011 Scheduled For April 30th In Madison

Crazy Legs 03

The 30th Annual Crazylegs Classic is scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2011 in Madison where the fun begins at the Kohl Center and ends up on the field at Camp Randell Stadium, where there will likely be plenty of beer for those exhausted runners.  Of course it’s all for a worthwhile cause, to help fund … Continue reading

Duffy’s Bar In Long Lake, Where Nobody Knows Your Name (But Who Cares, It’s A Fun Place)

Duffy's Jackalope

Duffy’s in Long Lake (near Spooner, we’re told) where you can find a Jackalope on the wall, signage to make you laugh, and a Santa overseeing a coffin (at least at Christmas).  Or as the tag from this Youtube video makes clear,  Another Great Time at Duffy’s…..a place where no one knows your name.  The … Continue reading

“Only In America” With Larry The Cable Guy Visits Mark Madson In Clinton


  This weeks episode (March 1st) of “Only In America” With Larry The Cable Guy featured a visit to a good pal Mark Madson’s place in Clinton Wisconsin where Mark showed of his truck in the tree (as the picture below shows), dynamited some limestone, and floated the future Packermobile on a lake.  It was … Continue reading

Unemployed Wisconsin Man Wins $1M In McDonald’s Monopoly Game

Monopoly Winner

  Oh that we were so lucky.  Good for him, and even more so for his parents who will now have the house back all to themselves.  Click below to read the full story.  We just wanted to throw this up to have a brief diversion from all of the Packers and Badgers postings.  We’ll … Continue reading

Actors Chris Mulkey & Karen Landry Interviewed For “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”


* * * Actor extraordinaire Chris Mulkey and actress Karen Landry recently did interviews with us for “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”. Chris was born in Viroqua Wisconsin and is well know for his starring roles in the TV shows “Twin Peaks”, “Any Day Now”, and most recently “Friday Night Lights” and “Boardwalk Empire”, along with 70 … Continue reading

Wisconsin Tree House Redefines ‘Hideout’ in Onalasak (Video)


When we were young, we had to build our own tree forts in the ravine behind the back yard of our Cameron house.  Nothing near as luxurious as this one, but then we also had the pride of building it ourselves from things we found around the yard, or all over town for that matter. … Continue reading

The Onion: Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season

This wouldn’t be near as humorous if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so close to the truth for many a Packers fan. The Onion: Packers Fan Announces He Will Return… Follow my videos on vodpod

  • Golden Northwoods

  • Ray Nitsche Field

  • Fondulac Lighthouse

  • The Wisconsin Capital Building in Madison

    The Wisconsin Capital Building in Madison


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