An Aaron Rodgers Infographic With A Sense Of Humor

Rodgers Stats

No need to explain, just read it and enjoy…  (FYI, you can get it on the Packers website here:  Rodgers Infographic) * * * (C) Green Bay Packers 2013

Goodbye My Texan Cheesehead Friend


To All,  Our “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Co-Producer, and one of my closest friends Craig Miller decided not to wake up on the morning of November 7th 2012 (he died in his sleep, but I’m trying to be humorous about it like he would expect of me), so I’m a bit down for the time being. … Continue reading

Green Bay Packers – World Champions, Baby! (Video)

Cheesehead World Champions 05

In honor of the Green Bay Packers smashing the cleets off of our border foe the Minnesota Vikings, and that we are still the reigning NFL World Champions and have not lost a game since then (and five games prior), we wanted to share what Cheesehead Nation thinks of being World Champions, Baby!!!  Many of … Continue reading

I AM A CHEESEHEAD! (Video Premiere)

I Am A Cheesehead 04

In celebration of a whole new season of football on the way, the Brewers ripping things up in baseball, and the Badgers looking as killer as ever, here’s our collection of the declarations of Cheeseheadedness we’ve collected from earlier this year.  Just wait until we finish with this segment of shooting and it could go … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You

* * *

Sarah “The Cheese Lady” Talking About Central Market during SB45 Week (Video)


This is some footage we shot of Sarah “The Cheese Lady” Kaufmann during Super Bowl XLV week.  It is but a taste of what we shot with her, including some terrific footage of her working on a magnificent cheese sculpture.  Enjoy, and more footage soon…

Packers’ Super Bowl XLV Victory Released on DVD

SB45 DVD 01

Check out this link to a video of the premiere party for the DVD release held in Green Bay on March 7th. Packers’ Super Bowl XLV Victory Released on DVD – WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News. * * *

A Big Cheeseheads Shout Out To Western Digital…

Western Digital Drives For Mac

* * * Now that we have wrapped up this year’s Super Bowl XLV coverage, that is until we put together some great video footage to post from the dozens of hours of tape we now have to go through, we wanted to give a big cheeseheads shout out to Western Digital for assisting us … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – One Final Post: A Photo Tribute To Cheeseheads Everywhere!

CH Arod Sausages

No words needed here, just enjoy the pictures.  We’ll be moving onto other Cheeseheads topics at this point, but we’ll never forget the amazing time we had in Arlington for Super Bowl XLV with all of our fellow Cheeseheads, nor the fact that the Green Bay Packers are, at least for the next year, THE … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – The Original Lombardi Trophy On Display

A Lombardi Plaque

Little need be said here as it is self explanatory.  Enjoy these fantastic photos of the original Super Bowl Trophy (named the Vince Lombardi Trophy after his untimely death).  This original piece of art is the model that is used to create the Lombardi Trophy each year by Tiffany’s of New York (according to the … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Clay Matthews Featured At The NFL Experience

Clay Matthews 01

While Aaron Rodgers got his fair share of exposure at the NFL Experience (an of course, a Super Bowl MVP award) in the Dallas Convention Center during Super Bowl XLV week, Clay Matthews was on display larger than life in a way that was exceedingly befitting of his monster talents. * * *

Super Bowl XLV – Tundra Adventures In The PackerMobile

Packer Mobile 01

We met up with fellow Cheeseheads, Wisconsinites Mark “The IceMan” Madson and Dieter “The SnowMan” Sturm, shortly after their arrival in the then Frozen Tundra of Arlington Texas for their storied 1300 mile trip all the way from Lambeau Field to support the Green Bay Packers to victory at Super Bowl XLV.  They gave us some terrific interviews for … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Super Bowl Victory Celebration Cheeseheads Style!


Super Bowl XLV rocked on many levels, but it was a nail-biter as well.  To that end, we spent so much energy and effort filming the glorious happenings all around Arlington these past five days that we barely have the energy to say anything in words right now, so we’ll let these fellow cheeseheads tell … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – The Green Bay Packers Are World Champions!

SB45 Champions


Super Bowl XLV – Packers Fan Rally At J. Gilligan’s In Arlington Draws Massive Crowds


  We had already planned to attend the fan rally at J. Gilligan’s in Arlington on Saturday February 5th even before we left for Texas earlier this week, but we had no idea what was in store for us when we arrived to a massive crowd of well over a thousand cheeseheads in all their … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Joe Montana Autograph Signing Near Super Bowl Stadium

Joe Montana 02

Knowing ahead of time that Joe Montana would be signing autographs at the Wal Mart across the street from Cowboys Stadium on Friday afternoon (for the DVD release of Top 100 NFL’s Greatest Players), we made certain to be in line early so we could get our very own. When I walked up with my … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Sarah “The Cheese Lady” Kaufmann Sculpts Wisconsin Cheese For SB45 Week

Cheese Lady 02 s

We had a fantastic time on Thursday with Sarah Kaufmann, also known as “The Cheese Lady”, at Central Market in Fort Worth where she sculpted crashing Packers and Steelers helmets and a Vince Lombardi Trophy into a 300 pound block of Henning’s Cheese from Wisconsin (see the link to their site on our home page … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Packers Art At The NFL Experience


Above are two works of “art in progress” that we encountered at the NFL Experience.  The painting of Vince Lombardi was being finished by an exhibitor who does fan art of famous former players and NFL legends.  The mural is a montage work of various Green Bay Packers from this years team, and appears to be … Continue reading

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