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  • “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Movie Trailer


    Introducing (well it’s been on Youtube for a week) the “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” Movie Trailer, affectionately titled “A Brief History Of Wisconsin”.  It’s a lot of fun, says many great things about Wisconsin, and poses the deeper question of what exactly a Cheesehead is.  Of course I leave you hanging, but that’s the whole point of … Continue reading

    Sheep Lovers Make Great Cheese Too


    I ran in to Larry Meisegeier at the Wisconsin Artisan Cheese Festival in Madison last winter and was finally able to check out the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative in Weyerhauser.  He also took me out to one of his co-op member farms where I got to see how it all begins.  Frankly, it’s exactly the same … Continue reading

    Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival Fun

    Curd Fest Banner

    Ellsworth is, of course, the cheese curd capital of Wisconsin, and frankly, the world.  I covered how cheese curds are made at their factory for the documentary, and decided I had to check out the Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival to see just how much people love them.  They do, even having them on their pizzas, … Continue reading

    Cheese Underground: Unglaciated Cheese

    Cheese Underground Screen Shot

    Here’s a killer article on cheese Terroir in the Drifless Region of Wiscosnin.  I’ve been to a good deal of these Dairies and Cheese producers, and I have to agree that the area has a taste all its own.  Cheese Underground: Unglaciated Cheese. via Cheese Underground: Unglaciated Cheese. * * *

    Bobby Nelson Cheese Shop – The Little Shop That Could

    Bobby Nelson 02

    Kenosha has more than its share of cheese shops, and while the more well known is the Mar’s Cheese Castle, a lesser known but just as unique cheese shop is right up the street, the Bobby Nelson Cheese Shop.  What’s coolest about his place, besides the awesome meats and cheeses, are the paintings the run … Continue reading

    Colby From Colby Is The Best Colby


    It was a dreary day when I went to Colby, but it is the birthplace of Colby cheese, so it deserves some props.  Colby is always best when it is Longhorn style (in my opinion).  The town, a quant little village in the middle of the state, was cozy and pleasant, with reminders here and … Continue reading

    Random Wisconsin Cheese Things…

    Ellsworth Cheese Trailer

    Rna across several photos of random Wisconsin Cheese Things that actually have on a smidgen to do with cheese and thought it would be fun to share.  Seems like we’ll put the word CHEESE on nearly anything to get people’s attention, and probably because it works.  After all, I took these photos didn’t I… * … Continue reading

    Recently Discovered 40-Year-Old Wisconsin Cheddar

    40 Year Old WI Cheddar

      When Edward Zahn decided in May to close his cheese shop in Oconto, he made a discovery that is going to drive cheese lovers more bonkers than the 15-year-old cheddar released by Hook’s Cheese in Mineral Point in 2009. In the back of his walk-in cooler, Zahn, 73, found several wooden boxes of cheddar … Continue reading

    Where Antiques & Cheese Come Together

    Tim & Tom 01

    Tim and Tom’s Cheese shop is located just outside of Kenosha, right off the freeway a few miles away from Mars Cheese Castle, but it’s a world of difference from the Castle filled with cheese because it also offers up an awesome variety of antiques and unique items for sale.  Lots of collectables, old liscense … Continue reading

    Wisconsin Cheese Mart In Milwaukee

    Wisconsin Cheese Mart 01

    Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee (just down the street from Usingers) is the kind of cheese shop that John Cleese would be more than welcomed to visit since they have nearly every kind of cheese he could possibly list off.  Not only that, most of the cheeses here are many of the Wisconsin originals made … Continue reading

    West Allis Cheese In The Milwaukee Public Market

    West Allis Cheese 03

    While we are on the topic of the Milwaukee Public Market (from yesterday’s post) it would be timely to mention the West Allis Cheese Shop inside the market.  They also have  two (or more) other shops in the Milwaukee area, but this was the only one we made it to on our last trip.  Lots … Continue reading

    Classic Meets Modern At The Milwaukee Public Market

    Public Market 01

    The Milwaukee Public Market is not what one might expect on first glance.  Somewhat hidden under an overpass and series of bridges in downtown Milwaukee, you have to know where you are going to find it.  Once inside, however, this seeming rustic place becomes a world of unique and interesting shops, stands, and a wine … Continue reading

    The Quaint Little Humbird Cheese Shop In Tomah

    Humbird 02

    While driving down I-94 heading to Madison this fall, we saw the giant sign with a mouse and cheese on it and, as we do every time we encounter a Wisconsin cheese shop, we pulled over to check it out.  It was a quaint place with some rather interesting exterior decore, and of course terrific … Continue reading

    Sassy Cow Creamery: So Much More Than Just A Cheese Store

    Sassy Cow 01

    A short while back our good friend Steve “The Owner” Tate decided we should spend the afternoon just hanging and having some fun, so he took us out to the Sassy Cow Creamery about twenty miles outside of Madison in the lush, gorgeous, and rolling green hills of Southern Wisconsin to a place called Sassy … Continue reading

    Henning’s Cheese: Peppercorn Cheddar To Die For!

    Peppercorn Wheel Alone

    When we were at Super Bowl XLV in Texas we were able to interview Sarah “The Cheese Lady” Kaufmann at Central Market in Fort Worth while she carved all sorts of cheese sculptures into some of Henning’s finest cheeses on display there.  While in Wisconsin these past few months we followed up with Kerry Henning … Continue reading

    Babcock Dairy At U.W. Madison: Where Research And Practice Make For Great Cheese

    Me at Babcock

    We had the opportunity to tour the dariy facility (see last photo) at Babcock Hall on the campus of U.W. Madison and interview the head of the Center For Dairy Research on Wisconsin’s incredible variety of cheeses and how they help in the process of keeping Wisconsin at the top of cheese production, as well … Continue reading

    Dufeck Wood Products In Denmark (Wisconsin): Boxes Galore…

    Dufeck 03

    We stopped by Dufeck Wood Products in Denmark Wisconsin to see how they make the wooden cheese boxes and get some heavy machinery cutting wood as terrific B-roll.  Turns out they make a heck of a lot more than cheese crates and boxes.  Check out the photos below and if you are interested in getting … Continue reading

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      The Wisconsin Capital Building in Madison


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