Northwoods Brewing Company (Eau Claire)

NW Brew Pub EXT01

Had a chance to visit the Northwoods Brewing Company in Eau Claire, which is inside the Northwoods Brew Pub (Near Oakwood Mall).  Great beer, great atmosphere, and if it had been summer, a grea view of the river.  Love the decor of this place, real Northwoods (of course), almost like something out of Twin Peaks … Continue reading

Rhinelander Beer & Hodags In The Great Northwoods

Rhinelander Ad 02

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Brenda O’Rourke, Head of Marketing for the Rhinelander Brewing Company, when we went in search of Hodags in Rhinelander this fall.  Rhinelander Beer is best known for the 7 oounce shorties in the amazingly cool looking little bottles.  What we loved most about them, besides the pleasing taste … Continue reading

New Glarus Brewing Company: The Brew That Likes To Moo

New Glarus Brew 08

Here is our behind the scenes visual capture of the New Glarus Brewing Company and its mos popular beer Spotted Cow (hence the title).  We had a great time shooting there as it was beer heaven on so many incredible levels, and will certainly be following up with a few more segments as things go … Continue reading

New Glarus Brewing Company: Only In Wisconsin

New Glarus Brewing 06

We had the great pleasure of inteviewing New Glarus Brewing Company Co-Founder and proud Wisconsinite Deb Carey while visiting them in New Glarus.  Not only were we taken aback by how similar we are as fellow cheeseheads, but were also blown away by what a magnificent brewery they have put together.  A state of the … Continue reading

Rowland’s Calumet Brewing Company, A Chilton Original.

Rowland's Calumet 01

On the advice of one of the locals, we headed up to Chilton (north of Fon Du Lac) to check out Rowland’s Calumet Brewing Company ( and discovered a quant little town with a heck of a brewery and an attached bar that is a historic landmark in the area in its own right.  We also … Continue reading

Titletown In Titletown: Where Beer & History Hook Up In Many Ways


We can’t say enough about how fantastic Brent and all the magnificent staff at Titletown Brewing Company treated us.  They were like a second home base for us during a shooting schedule in Green Bay.  We did at least four interviews at the restaurant alone and will likely do more next time around as it … Continue reading

Lakefront Brewery In Milwaukee: Now That’s A Place To Spend A Friday Night!


On our last day in Milwaukee, literally our last few hours before heading north to Green Bay, we stopped by Lakefront Brewery for an interview with Brewmaster Russ Klisch and a tour of the brewery and attached restaurant.  It was Fish Fry Friday so their were plenty of people there for the beer, the fish … Continue reading

Capital Brewery Was A Blast, And We Have Footage To Prove It

Capital Brewery 01

* * * Okay, so this is a week late, but we have a lot of things going on with the documentary shoot.  In Madison we’ve covered a to of things that we didn’t even expect and stayed the entire while at the Holiday Inn Madison West via the participation of the Wisco Hotel Group. … Continue reading

Lakefront Brewery In Milwaukee: Artisan Beer One Step Further


WIth artisan brews like Fuel Cafe, Organic E.S.B. (Extra Special Bitter), and Local Acre (100% Wisconsin grown), what’s not to love about Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.  We’ll be visiting them for a tour an interview in early May for the documentary and it’s looking to be both interesting and fun.  More soon, but check them … Continue reading

Leinenkugels Beer “7th Annual Leinies Family Reunion at the Leinie Lodge”

7th Annual Leinies Family Reunion

Leinenkugels Beer “7th Annual Leinies Family Reunion at the Leinie Lodge” in Chippewa Falls… * * * * * * * * *

Craft Breweries In Wisconsin (Video)

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See “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” To Completion!

* * * For anyone who has ever been passionate about a project or creative endeavor that has overtaken you to the point where you will do almost anything to see it come to life, you can certainly relate to our quest to get “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” made.  It’s an idea that has been with … Continue reading

The Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls

Leinenkugel Beers

* * * On a recent visit to the Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls, my brother and I discovered something right at our back door (almost literally) that we had been missing for the past twenty years, some of the best craft brewed beer you will find anywhere in the United States, Leinenkugel’s Brew. While … Continue reading

  • Golden Northwoods

  • Ray Nitsche Field

  • Fondulac Lighthouse

  • The Wisconsin Capital Building in Madison

    The Wisconsin Capital Building in Madison


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