Hanging With Lucas Cates

Lucas Aaron Copycat

Had a good time hanging with my pal Lucas Cates today in Madison.  Lucas has a couple of awesome songs we were able to use (with his permission) in the film, including his humorous “Quarterback Copycat” (Click Here Quarterback Copycat Video).  He also has a cameo appearance in the end credits of the film, a fun … Continue reading

Fan Humor For The NFC North Champions 2013

King Of The North (Crop)

Oh the Cheesehead sense of humor, especially when it’s true.  NFC North Champs for the Forth straight year.  And the badass King Of The North comic book cover below (I wish we could find out who the artist is), well enough said… * * * * * * NOTE:  Used for promotional purposes only.  I … Continue reading

An Aaron Rodgers Infographic With A Sense Of Humor

Rodgers Stats

No need to explain, just read it and enjoy…  (FYI, you can get it on the Packers website here:  Rodgers Infographic) * * * (C) Green Bay Packers 2013

Green Bay Packers 2013 Schedule (Wallpapers)


Get your Green Bay Packers 2013 schedule wallpaper (smaller versions below) by going here:  Green Bay Packers 2013 Schedule * * * * * *

Packers Beat Vikings & Beer With Friends, What More Do You Need…

Cheesehead Necklace

Since making it to Lambeau was not an optoin due to a heavy editing schedule for the documentary, the second best thing was to hit a sports bar with family, friends, and a few hundred other Packers fans (and some Vikings fans as well).  The beer was strong, the Packers even stronger, and victory was … Continue reading

Packers & Vikings Wildcard Playoff Round

Packers Vikings Football

There’s nothing new to add that you can’t get anywhere else, so here are some cool pictures from the Green Bay Packers Google plus page, one that I hadn’t checked out prior to today.  It’s a neat and slightly different way to get your Packers fix.  A little less digging and searching than other Packers … Continue reading

Aaron Rodgers, Steve “The Owner” & Saint Vince – Network Stars For A Night

STEVE Vince 60 Minutes

Aaron Rodgers, Steve The Owner, Saint Vince – Network Stars For A Night. Check out the Aaron Rodgers bit on CBS’s 60 Minutes that aired Sunday November 4th 2012, shortly after we trounced the Arizona Cardinals.  Congrats to all involved.  Check it out here: Aaron Rodgers On 60 Minutes

All Good Things… A Packers Season Recap In Fan Photos

10 Darth Packer PB 19

There’s really not that much to say about the loss in the playoffs this past weekend, certainly nothing that hundreds of other sports reporters and newscasters haven’t already speculated on or blabbed about so we’re not even going to try.  And even with the record-breaking season for wins, points, Rodgers, and more, we’d like to … Continue reading

The Lucas Cates Band – Quarterback Copycat (Video)

Quarterback Copycat copy

For our 200th post we wanted to celebrate the work of a fellow Cheesehead who lives it, so here’s his latest video, an original fan song called “Quarterback Copycat” by the Madison based group The Lucas Cates Band (you may recognize Lucas from the Packers Rock Anthem video by Cascia Films).  It’s fun, smart, humorous, … Continue reading

Green Bay Packers – World Champions, Baby! (Video)

Cheesehead World Champions 05

In honor of the Green Bay Packers smashing the cleets off of our border foe the Minnesota Vikings, and that we are still the reigning NFL World Champions and have not lost a game since then (and five games prior), we wanted to share what Cheesehead Nation thinks of being World Champions, Baby!!!  Many of … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You

* * *

Super Bowl XLV – The Green Bay Packers Are World Champions!

SB45 Champions


Super Bowl XLV – Packers Art At The NFL Experience


Above are two works of “art in progress” that we encountered at the NFL Experience.  The painting of Vince Lombardi was being finished by an exhibitor who does fan art of famous former players and NFL legends.  The mural is a montage work of various Green Bay Packers from this years team, and appears to be … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Aaron Rodgers Gracing The Dallas Skyline…

Building In Downtown Dallas

Here’s a magnificent shot of Aaron Rodgers (and some Pittsburgh player) gracing the exterior of a building in Dallas, Texas, well a work in progress as the weather here seems to be getting in the way.  We’ve always known that Aaron was larger than life as a Packers quarterback, but this is proof positive. Photos … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Super Bowl Stadium Night Shots (With Video)

Cowboys_Stadium Nightshot 01

A couple of night shots of Super Bowl XLV stadium (aka Cowboys Stadium).  Note the giant Aaron Rodgers and “that Steelers player” on the outside wall of the stadium. Many more pictures to come after we arrive in Arlington Tuesday afternoon.  We’ve already lined up a number of shoots and interviews, with even more to … Continue reading

Green Bay Packers – 2010 Season NFC Champions


Saturday’s Packers-Falcons Game Dominates Primetime


As if we didn’t know this would be the case, we not only rocked the Falcons, but we cleaned up in the TV ratings as well for the Network. Check out the numbers at The Hollywood Reporter… Saturday’s Packers-Falcons Game Dominates Primetime – Live Feed. * * *


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