Love At Lambeau Field, Even If Purple Is Involved…

I just finished editing the wedding I shot at Lambeau Field this summer and, while this is a bit after the fact, it was a monumntal event for being able to shoot inside the stadium.  The fact that the groom (and most of those in attendance) were Vikings fans proves how much power Cheesehead Nation has over even our greatest foes.  Thankfully the bride was a hardcore Packers fan and had all of the bridesmaids wearing the Green & Gold.  Thanks to Kelly & Philip for involving me in their special day.  I’ve mad so many friends while making this documentary that I am truly blessed for it.  You can also enjoy this brief clip.

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12 Responses to “Love At Lambeau Field, Even If Purple Is Involved…”
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  10. Philip Winston says:

    Thanks for all your time and work putting together our excellent wedding video, John!!! It was awesome to have you there to celebrate with us too! – Philip

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